Funds Needed to Start the Journey

The planning for the journey has begun and people are volunteering all over the country to host Snick & Emmie’s stuffed Shiba stand-ins and take their photos in interesting and fun places. Before the journey can actually begin though, about $645.00* needs to be raised for supplies.

  • Two black and tan Kosen brand plush Shiba Inu dolls – $240.00
  • Travel bag or crate – $65.00
  • Gear (collars, tags, etc.) – $25.00
  • Map plugin for website – $15.00 (site development and hosting were donated)
  • Brochure printing – $300.00 (brochure design to be donated, hopefully)

An Added Incentive

Anyone who contributes $250.00 or more towards making this project happen gets to name a place, person or situation where they want to see the Snick & Emmie stand-ins photographed. We will move heaven and earth to make it happen.

How to Contribute

Click Snick & Emmie’s photo in the widget above to visit our IndieGoGo page or just click here.

*The goal is set at $694.00 to cover IndieGoGo and PayPal’s fees and still leave us with $645.00 for the project. We set this is an “all-or-nothing” campaign because IndieGoGo charges much less for those. If we don’t raise the whole $694.00, we won’t get anything and the journey won’t happen.

Also, please note that the $645.00 (after fees) raised here is going directly to buy supplies for the project. This money is not going to Active Heroes and is therefore not tax-deductible.

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