Fundraising Ideas for Snick & Emmie’s Journey

kissing booth beagleThe ultimate goal of "Doggies Helping Veterans" is to raise $100,000 for a dog park, trails and pet therapy program at the Active Heroes Retreat in Kentucky. We don’t expect to raise that much money just by sending two plush Shiba toys on a relay journey around the country though. In addition to attracting donations and corporate sponsors during the journey, we’re hoping that our friends will come up with interesting and fun ways to bring in donations. Here are some fundraising ideas to start the ball rolling. Will you join our fundraising team and try one of these things, or something similar, in conjunction with a visit from the Snick & Emmie stuffed Shiba stand-ins?

Set Up a Booth at a Community Event

  • Is there an annual festival or county/state fair in your area? Is your dog a lover? How about having a doggy kissing booth? Smooch a pooch for $1!
  • If giving kisses isn’t your dog’s thing… you could have a trick challenge! Have a few dogs participate. People challenge the dogs to do a certain trick, one does it, they pay up.
  • Have a lemonade stand or a bake sale. Tip: Sell baked goods for dogs too.
  • Maybe a dunking booth is more your style! But, please, only dunk humans, not doggies. 😉

Hold Your Own Event

  • Have a car wash or a dog wash!!
  • Are you a dog trainer? A dance instructor? A horseback riding instructor? An art teacher? Hold a one-time class and donate the registration fees.
  • Does your dog love to hike on local trails? Offer to be a guide and take people and their fuzzy friends along for the cost of a donation.
  • Hold a yard (or e-bay) sale and donate the proceeds.
  • Host a dog-walk-a-thon. Entrants pay a fee to participate and also raise money by getting sponsors to pay per paw (and foot) per mile!
  • canine cocktail pawtyThrow a cocktail party in a fancy venue with music, an open bar, and hors d’oeuvres. If you can find a place that will allow it, invite four-legged guests and include doggy hors d’oeuvres as well! (Even if you need to pay some of the costs out of the ticket receipts, a fancy – or fanciful – party can generate a tidy donation!)
  • Organize a canine beauty pageant and give prizes for best dressed, best trick, biggest contestant, smallest contestant, etc.
  • Sell Tickets For a Raffle

    Do you own – or have connections to acquire – an expensive or unique item that could be raffled off to benefit Active Heroes? Raffles have proven to be a great way to raise money and have fun, plus you can conduct them offline (as a stand-alone occasion or part of a larger affair) or online (through email and facebook) or both!

    Emmie and Snick Will Attend

    Whatever you want to do, contact us with dates and information so we can add your fundraiser to the travel plans for the the stuffed Shiba stand-ins. Depending on when and where your event is, we might even send the real live Snickers or Emmie to visit with you too!

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