Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, MS

On Friday, the Doggies visited the Columbus Air Force Base. Their first stop was the flight line, where they posed for a few photos.

lt taking photos

Doggies on a wing

Next, the Doggies received an initial introduction to cockpit operations from Public Affairs Chief and retired pilot, Sonic Johnson. Unfortunately, they just weren’t quite big enough to handle the controls…

Doggies get a flying lesson

Doggies too small to handle controls

We were taken on a driving tour of the base by our gracious hostess, Diane Clardy. We spent some time talking about how tough deployment is on military families, especially during the holidays and how important it is to raise awareness of what our military personnel sacrifice on a regular basis.

Here are a couple more of our favorite photos from our afternoon at CAFB.

Wingin It

Wingin It

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