Sgt Marcus Hayward Golf Tournament in Naples, Florida

doggies with golf clubs

This past Thursday, the Doggies attended the Sgt Marcus Hayward* Charity Golf Tournament, which benefited one of America’s sons together with Active Heroes. Over $90,000 was raised by the event. Proceeds will be shared 50/50 between Marcus’ family needs and other Active Heroes families awaiting available funds.

The night before the event, the Doggies played with their new friends Kioko Yumi and Koemi Akari and then got a good night’s sleep, resting up for a busy day.

night before golf

The next morning, they had their coffee at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort & Tiburon Golf Club…

having their morning coffee

…posed for some photos, including one with Troy Yocum, the founder of Active Heroes…

photo ops Troy Yocum

… and then hit the links with the golfers.


Before the day ended, they also got to spend some time with Rina, a search and rescue dog with North Naples Fire District.

rina search and rescue dog

It was a successful event for Active Heroes and a fun day for the Doggies. Thank you to Tamara Randolph for hosting the Doggies the night before the tournament and to Kim Crawford – and everyone involved in organizing the tournament – for letting the Doggies be part of such a great event!

Hopefully, on every stop of the Doggies cross-country journey, more people learn about the Active Heroes Retreat. In addition to being a fun project to raise awareness, the Doggies hope to raise $100,000 towards the pet therapy program, dog park and hiking trails at the retreat.

To make a donation to help the Doggies reach their $100,000 goal, click here.

*About Sgt Marcus Hayward

marcus hayward and rinaSgt Marcus Hayward served his country for 8 ½ years with the US Army, doing multiple deployments to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and again in Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. During his service, Marcus was selected for Special Ops training as a Specialized Search Dog Handler. He and his partner SSD Elly, a specially trained Belgian Malinois, were trained to search and identify IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) to assure clear passage for Infantry, Calvary, Military Police and Special Forces operations in country. He and Elly conducted over 100 such missions while on deployment in Iraq.

On July 29th, 2010, while returning from another successful mission supporting fellow Special Ops Team members, Marcus was severely injured when the scout ATV in which they were traveling ran over a buried IED pressure plate.

Marcus is now medically retired from military service and studying to attain his Associates Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant so he can provide the same help and encouragement to others that he received during his recovery.

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