Around the World in a Day (at Epcot!)

This post is past due, as the holidays have a way of interfering with everything!

Emmie and Snickers went to Epcot earlier this month. They visited Spaceship Earth and went on the ride. They walked around Canada and stopped to be photographed in England in a phone box. They went to France and were photographed there looking across the lake. They stopped by Japan and were photographed outside the pagoda and department store. They also ran into Pluto who did a little dance with them. They made lots of friends and handed out brochures.

photo 04

photo 11

photo 13

photo 17

photo 24

photo 07

Thank you to Sarah for hosting the Doggies and taking them to visit Epcot.

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We hope that Emmie and Snickers have many, many more successful days of raising awareness ahead of them!

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