About Active Heroes

Active Heroes is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Kentucky. The mission of Active Heroes is to strengthen military families, serve veterans and benefit active duty military. They help military families through multiple programs including providing community outreach, volunteer projects, financial assistance and home repairs for military families. Their community outreach also educates the public regarding the challenges and needs of veterans and their families.

As part of its mission, Active Heroes is building a peaceful and tranquil retreat where military families will engage in team building activities and challenge courses. The Active Heroes Retreat will change the quality of life for veterans in many ways. Active Heroes will soon select the land and begin construction of an office, classrooms, sectioned camping sites and log cabins to house the families. Each month, the land will be used to give other military organizations a fun filled adventure getaway while allowing veterans to camp for free. Active Heroes will then work with therapists and social workers to organize classroom sessions to help curb the suicide rate of 22 veterans a day.

donateYou can help hundreds of military families visit the retreat by donating to help build the retreat! Active Heroes hopes to open the Active Heroes Retreat by 2014 to bring together many veterans and to develop leaders who will help veterans in their own communities.

You can learn more about Active Heroes on their website ActiveHeroes.org and follow them on the Active Heroes facebook page.