Planning Snick & Emmie's Journey

A lot goes into planning a cross country journey for two [stuffed] Shiba Inu to raise money for the Active Heroes Retreat. Read all about it here.

The Stuffed Shiba Stand-Ins Have Arrived!

Emmie & Snick’s stuffed Shiba stand-ins arrived today and THEY ARE ADORABLE. We’re that much closer to getting their cross-country journey underway. Contact us if you’d like to participate.

Fundraising Ideas for Snick & Emmie’s Journey

Help raise money for the Active Heroes Retreat. Try one of these fundraising ideas, or something similar, in conjunction with a visit from the Snick & Emmie stuffed Shiba stand-ins!

It’s Not About Politics, It’s About Helping People

Encouraging the efforts of organizations that help military families and veterans is not synonymous with supporting the politics of war. For me, it’s simply helping fellow human beings who were willing, if necessary, to sacrifice to protect the rest of us.

Funds Needed to Start the Journey

The planning for the journey has begun and people are volunteering all over the country to host Snick & Emmie’s stuffed Shiba stand-ins and take their photos in interesting and fun places. Before the journey can actually start though, about $645.00* needs to be raised for supplies.

Beginning of the Travel Route Planning

The stuffed stand-ins for Emmie and Snickers will be leaving Tupelo, MS, sometime in September and heading to Florida. From there, they will travel up the east coast to NYC and beyond… maybe even to the northern tip of Maine… before turning towards the Pacific Northwest!