How You Can Help

There are lots of ways that you can help Doggies Helping Veterans raise $100,000 toward funding pet-related activities at the Active Heroes Retreat.

Volunteer to Host or Transport “Snick & Emmie”

HOST: To make the project work, we need hosts! You can simply “host” the stuffed Shiba stand-ins in your city, take photos of them in one more more interesting places, and send the photos and story into us to be added to the travel journal. Any and all participation increases our exposure and the possibility for corporate sponsorships. Hopefully, most people who host the Shibas will also set up a fundraising page and solicit donations connected to the Shibas’ visit.

TRANSPORT: We’re going to need hundreds of volunteers all across the country – in big cities and the small towns in between – to help move the “Snick & Emmie” stand-ins across the country. Each volunteer will drive (or walk or bicycle or boat, etc.) part of the way between the doggies’ different destinations.

Send us an email from our contact page letting us know where you live and we’ll keep you in the loop on dates and travel plans! Following our facebook page is another great way to keep up with what we’re doing and also stay in touch with us.

Get Creative!

Do you have a fun idea for a way to help Snick & Emmie raise money? Maybe you could organize an event with the ticket price being a donation? Or hold a dog walk with entry fees and sponsorship? We posted a list of potential fundraising ideas. Anything you can dream up, we’re interested! Contact us to discuss your idea or just set up a team page on our fundraising site and get started.

Secure Corporate Donors

If two dogs are going to raise $100,000, we’re going to need corporate sponsors. If you have connections to any company that you think would be interested in supporting veterans and military families, please contact us to discuss how you can help connect us to them.

Ongoing Fundraising and Awareness

There are also ways that you can help at any time – for a little while or for the entire duration of the project. You can share this website and our facebook page with your friends to help get more people interested and involved. You can set up a fundraising page (click the black JOIN THE TEAM button!), set a goal and start raising donations. Participants can raise money any time.

Make a Donation

Even the smallest donation will put the doggies closer to their goal. If you believe in the mission of Active Heroes and would like to help fund the dog park and pet therapy program at the Active Heroes Retreat, please consider making a donation.